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Luke Faraone lfaraone at ubuntu.com
Sat Feb 15 00:23:06 UTC 2014


On 14 February 2014 04:39, Alberto Salvia Novella <es20490446e at gmail.com>wrote:

> I *think* what I'm going to say is anti-maketing, but also what for me
> seems real:
> Ubuntu is *not a distro* at this time, but a prototype of software
> development.
> The same as GNOME 3 has been in its early days, which I hated so much and
> now I like so hard.
> Usually I choose what *works now*, because working now is the only
> warrant it's actually been well done.
> On the other hand, in my opinion, no operating system is fully working
> today; because "working" means "working *for nearly everyone*".

Please stop.  CCing a dozen mailing lists, many of which are entirely
off-topic, is considered rude. I've moved the most irrelevant lists to BCC
in this reply. The use of emojii and complex formatting is also out of the
norm for mailing list conduct.

You created a new initiative, which is nice. However, you did so
unilaterally and in a way that didn't make sense, as several people have

You're welcome to contribute to Ubuntu through bug triage and code
contributions, but please try to discuss such an event before "running" it


Luke Faraone
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