ubuntu desktop trusty ->settings->display bug font resize bug not Seniors Retirement Home-friendly

David Marceau uticdmarceau2007 at yahoo.ca
Sun Apr 13 14:21:12 UTC 2014

On the weekend, I went to a retirement home and there was a man
interested in hearing about Ubuntu so I took out a small laptop to show
it to him.

It's a retirement home so the elders don't have good eyesight nor good
hearing.  When I was showing him "Software Central" to list all the card
games he could install and play, the fonts were to small on the netbook
I was using.  He couldn't read anything.  So I went to settings->display
and changed the font scale from 1.0 to 2.0.
He could read the letters ok at that size.

The windows could not be adjusted in terms of size.
The windows could were not scrollable.
I could not revert back to the previous settings->display-> 1.0 scale.
I tried unity-tweaks to try to reset to the defaults for the display,
but I had similar issues and couldn't move the window in any manner in
order to see the other controls in the window because the window was
hard-coded to be fixed in size.  I was stuck in an unworkable large font
display mode with windows that couldn't scroll/resize to change anything

Ubuntu Trusty on a netbook is not SENIOR-FRIENDLY enough yet.  Could
these be expressed as Accessibility bugs or Display bugs?  I tend to
believe it's a display bug because the Seniors have all their fingers,
eyes and ears, but they just aren't has good as they used to be.
They just need higher volumes, bigger fonts with scrollable/resizeable
windows everywhere.  GUI's should be
scrollable/resizeable/orientation-changeable in order to accommodate the
Seniors audience.  Being that Ubuntu Trusty is the base for Ubuntu
Desktop and Ubuntu Touch, please keep Seniors in mind.  Otherwise, you
will lose the capability to reach that market for ad-based revenue since
they won't be using Ubuntu.

Thanks for listening.

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