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Alberto Salvia Novella es20490446e at
Sun Apr 13 15:51:11 UTC 2014

On 10/04/14 19:35, Javier Lopez wrote:
> I've already left a comment in your wiki but still would like to
> recommend a few things:
> * You could add a description section, talking about who you are, how
>    many time you've been involved with Ubuntu, how you discovered your
>    love for the distro. Some anecdotes about your contributions or with
>    other Ubuntu members. People in the UMB seems to like to read what
>    inspired you to contribute and where are you heading.
> * Even when I understand what you're trying to say in your Plans
>    section, You should reconsider adding some more specific items, or
>    prepare some good answers, members of the UMB will ask for sure
>    about your future plans and it could make a bad impression if you
>    don't have or if you answer is in general terms.
>    I think it's ok to keep going what you've done if that's your plan,
>    but I would add some more specific items, eg.
>    * Bring down | Triage X one hundred papercuts
>      * Add more artwork
>      * Maintain the One Hundred Papercut wikipage
>    * Organize an Ubuntu Bug Weekend during every cicle
>    * etc

I have done the above in somehow a particular way, and I wanted to ask 
if you would do any change on it. Perhaps you'll find also interesting 
reading it: <>

Thank you.

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