Screensaver isn't triggered right after the first boot

Martín Cigorraga martincigorraga at
Sun Apr 6 10:28:56 UTC 2014

Hi all, I'm not sure if this qualifies as a bug but anyways here are my

I noticed that on a fresh boot the screensaver will not be triggered, may
be because no user is already logged so there's no such policy enabled.[0]

Now, the downside of this behaviour is that computers turned on and
awaiting for users to be logged will stay indefinitely with their
monitors/screens on, wasting energy and degrading the hardware.

Nowadays it's a common practice in public institutions and companies to
shut down every device that's not running any critical service mostly for
two big reasons: a. security measures and b. to cut energy and hardware
waste to save money.

The problem is that on next morning when staff turns on the systems again
the machines will keep their screens on all the time until coworkers or
general public - like on a public library - arrives.

I could think of several workarounds like adding a cron job or even
something simpler, an 'at' command to every /etc/rc.local to instruct to
`xset -display :0 dpms force off' at a given time to ensure the monitors
will be properly off after system boot until users arrive, but I would
prefer to stay away from any non-necessary hack if there's an official,
supported way to do this.

Thank you very much!

[0] I'm guessing here, I'm not familiarized with Ubuntu's internals...
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