When to report upstream?

Dr. David Alan Gilbert ubuntu at treblig.org
Sat Oct 26 17:46:52 UTC 2013

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* Alberto Salvia Novella (es20490446e at gmail.com) wrote:
> So what will you do, lets say for example, in this bug
> <https://bugs.launchpad.net/compiz/+bug/1182742>?

There is no golden formula about what to do, I don't know Compiz
and for something that complex if I couldn't recreate it I'd leave
it or ask on one of the compiz irc channels.
If I could recreate it I'd pass it upstream.

But that's just my preference - remember you don't have to triage
and upstream every bug; if you're not comfortable leave it, and then
when you feel like it ask in places specific to the packages.
(Some of them can be hostile to downstream bugs/triagers of them so
tread carefully, some of them are very friendly about it).

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