What we have learned so far on ubuntu-release upgrader hugday

Brian Murray brian at ubuntu.com
Fri Mar 29 21:39:20 UTC 2013

On Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 04:45:20PM +0100, melchiaros wrote:
> Am 22.03.2013 16:08, schrieb Brian Murray:
> >On Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 12:55:00PM +0100, Alberto Salvia Novella wrote:
> >>I thought this myself, since I found that most of the bugs I have triaged
> >>myself were caused by this. On the other hand, I think other things we can
> >>possible learn are:
> >>
> >>
> >>     - Confirmed bugs are less likely to be triaged, since are intended to
> >>     Ubuntu BugControl members. Perhaps automatically allowing some kinds off
> >>     users to access triaging bug controls will be a good idea, also because
> >>     most bugs are never assigned priority.
> >>
> >>     - Although I think the bug day is a good idea, we were only four users
> >>     participating on it. This warns me the Ubuntu community isn't so active. I
> >>     also study computer engineering, and I saw many people stopping using
> >>     Ubuntu in favour of Windows since they perceived Ubuntu as unstable and not
> >>     compromised with freedom. Improving bug handling an incursion of new users
> >>     in it seems to be a high priority, perhaps also giving the users the
> >>     opportunity of not sowing non free applications in the software center and
> >>     deeply explaining why Canonical chose to include them in the system.
> >>
> >>     - Many users weren't using the ubuntu-bug command to report bugs. Perhaps
> >>     it should be clearly stated in some visible place that manually reporting
> >>     bugs in Launchpad is for when is impossible to use this command.
> >This is done by having the "Report a Bug" pages in Launchpad redirect to
> >the wiki page at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs.
> >Additionally, in most cases the ubuntu-release-upgrader should help you
> >file a bug report (using apport) or by telling you to use 'ubuntu-bug
> >ubuntu-release-upgrader'.
> >
> >>     - Editing the wiki took many of time used in the Bug Day, so perhaps
> >>     creating good automated tools for it will increase noticeably the quantity
> >>     of bugs that can be handled.
> >I'm looking into the hugday tool and from what I can tell so far there
> >is an authentication issue, for me at least, when trying to close bug
> >reports.  I'd welcome any help with this though.
> >
> >>     - In the incomplete bugs section, some of them needed to be converted to
> >>     question. I think this action should be contemplated as valid to mark the
> >>     bug off, perhaps also in other sections.
> >Yes, if the bug report is clearly not a bug report and more of a support
> >question then converting the bug to a question is a valid action.  Do
> >you have some examples of those?
> >
> >>     - The progress section shows nothing, so perhaps it can be removed.
> >I believe that issue is specific to the ubuntu-release-upgrader package
> >and is my fault, sorry about that!
> >
> >--
> >Brian Murray
> >Ubuntu Bug Master
> >
> Sorry Alberto, my Spam-Filter is a bit overmotivated. I have just
> seen your mesasage in parts through Brians mail.
> Your point on the gab between confirmed and triaged is quite
> correct. In principle everybody on launchpad can do what BugSquad
> people do with or without membership.
> I would transform your proposal a bit. In moment the BugControl has
> a hugh access barrier. The people are forced to present them to
> someone(well properly also Brian) and ask for permission. This is
> o.K.  But also the other way arround may be accessible. For sure
> there are people outside that fullfill(also a properly) the
> requirements for joining BugControl. You see them again and again
> and over long time. It is also a way to just invite them for a less
> formal join.  The difference is the invitation, and who is not lucky
> to be invited.
> Your second point Alberto is going into the wide. Ubuntu v.s.
> Windows and Canonical monetary approaches.... This is to much for
> what I have whant here. But one point is absolutely correct. On this
> one single time event hughday, the activity is very low. Only four
> people is much to less. I just whant keep this as observation. The
> hughday-tools may be one cause. Also may be, we should have given a
> special workflow for handling such bugs(like apt-clone usage).
> To the third point is to say.  It seems to be especially the long
> year linuxer that try to report without apport. I have some time
> looked into the launchpad profiles, when I hit such a report.
> May be the explanation is that they have done so in past and just
> are willing to do in futhur:)
> I think a redirect is quite o.K. It is not o.K to force someone to
> much, even if that makes it easier to us. The consequences for them
> a much more impressive. A missing raring tag will not show their
> report for the actual development. Or when we see this they have
> also extra work. Or .. you know.
> To resume:
> I think we may have now tree points:
> -the ubuntu-release-upgrader behaviour on xorg
> -the gab between confirmed and triaged
> -the non working hughday-tools
> @Brian
> Fabio has also written to look at the tools in one of the hugday
> mails on the list(AFAIR). So there is the first on helping out.

I now have it working for me, I'll send a separate e-mail with the

Brian Murray
Ubuntu Bug Master
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