What we have learned so far on ubuntu-release upgrader hugday

Alberto Salvia Novella es20490446e at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 17:38:10 UTC 2013

Oh, that's right.

El 22/03/13 18:31, Brian Murray escribió:
> On Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 12:55:00PM +0100, Alberto Salvia Novella wrote:
>> I thought this myself, since I found that most of the bugs I have triaged
>> myself were caused by this. On the other hand, I think other things we can
>> possible learn are:
>>      - Confirmed bugs are less likely to be triaged, since are intended to
>>      Ubuntu BugControl members. Perhaps automatically allowing some kinds off
>>      users to access triaging bug controls will be a good idea, also because
>>      most bugs are never assigned priority.
> I'm looking at the Confirmed bug reports now and remembered that bug
> reports get automatically set to Confirmed if someone clicks the 'this
> bug affects me' link.  So while somebody else has experienced the bug,
> see http://launchpad.net/bugs/1091317, that doesn't make it a useful one
> yet.
> So the Confirmed ones should not always been intended for Bug Control
> members.
> --
> Brian Murray
> Ubuntu Bug Master

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