Hugday wikipage

melchiaros melchiaros at
Thu Mar 21 12:25:57 UTC 2013

Am 21.03.2013 13:24, schrieb Walter Garcia-Fontes:
> * melchiaros, melchiaros at [21/03/13 13:21]:
>> Is there a knowledge base entry I have missed?  What about the
>> colors of the bars?
> There used to be some scripts (something in the line of bug-hugday)
> which would do things automatically, but they broke some years ago and
> actually it only consists of marking the wiki to keep a track of what
> we are doing.
> We used to mark all of the green, but Fabio likes violet...
Aha, that it is.

Fabio like violet.

I was in doubt that I have missed somethink really essential.

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