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Tue Feb 12 13:11:34 UTC 2013

Hey there,

For those of you who don't know me, my name's Chris Wilson and I'm the
leader of the One Hundred Paper Cuts project. We're currently looking for
ways to breath new life into the project, and one of the ideas we've had
was to work with you, the Bug Squad.

The problem we face is that we need a steady supply of new bug reports,
approximately 50-100 per month, from which we identify the genuine paper
cuts and start working on them.

The way the Bug Squad can help us with this is through the 'Hug Days'. In
these events, you look through all the bugs for a particular package and
touch them in some way. What I was thinking was that you could keep an eye
out for candidate paper cuts and forward them to us. Don't worry too much
about whether or not it actually is one. We'll handle that.

We're not asking you to help us in return for nothing though. The paper
cuts project can help the Bug Squad during the same events. One of our
goals is to provide an environment in which new Ubuntu contributors can get
experience with the different areas of Ubuntu development that we touch,
and one of them is bug triage.

During the Hug Days we would have the Bug Squad forwarding us candidate
paper cuts and the Paper Cut Ninjas triaging Ubuntu bugs, so both teams are
getting something out of this.

Due to the nature of our work, there's a limited number of packages that we
touch, so it wouldn't be every Hug Day. I was thinking one such day in a
month, or perhaps even a weekend-long sprint every two or three month. The
specifics are still up for discussion, but the jist of it is I would like
both our teams to collaborate on each others goals given our work overlaps
in many areas (we require the ubuntu task to be triaged before the paper
cut task can be triaged, etc).

What do you lot think about this?

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