adopting the package ubuntu-release-upgrader

melchiaros melchiaros at
Fri Apr 26 10:55:58 UTC 2013

Hi there,

you know in the near past I have had some interest in the package

My motivation to this comes from the point to lower the rate of
problems/reports that hit us all on launchpad from the user community.

Beside this the idee of shortening the relases cycle time with the ideal
of a rolling-release that is really rolling on the bleading edge of
software is a idea I like. This would also circumvent the problmes that
those of us are facing on trying to report upstream on older versions of
software. The most upstream developers are not so happy about reports on
older versions.

Also the upstream projects by themselfs are boiling down the rate of
errors the software has which they develop. I see the tendece that all
becomes better with release to release. With this it is to expect that a
user community that is in middle more to the latest develoments is a
community that reports lesser bugs (not at whole if the user community
is increasing, but seen on each head).

The package ubuntu-release-upgrader is a kind of software that plays the
central role for this road of shortening the gab between the latest
software versions and the final releases.

In respect to this I would like to adopt the package

Is there a possibility to get automatic notifications of new reports to
this package? If so could someone give me a workflow or just add me?

Because I know it:


refering to

you are the most active developer on ubuntu-release-upgrader.  Would it
be o.K to you when I triage arround on this?


melchiaros (aka Sasa Paporovic)

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