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   3. Print the job which failed to the new print queue "test". If you have selected options in the print dialog, use the same options as you used when you encountered the problem. Wait until the job finishes (disappears in the job viewer). You will have a non-empty file named /tmp/printout then. Copy this file to your home directory: <<BR>> {{{$ sudo cp /tmp/printout ~}}} <<BR>> {{{$ sudo chmod 777 ~/printout}}}
   4. Attach this file to your bug report and/or examine it.
+ = Sending a file to the printer unfiltered =
+ If you print a file from an application or to 
+ = PostScript (PDF) printer chokes on the PostScript (PDF) coming from Ubuntu =
+ Unfortunately, the PostScript (or PDF) interpreters in many printers have bugs, letting them print garbage or nothing at all, or even crash/get stuck when receiving a valid PostScript (or PDF) file.
+ If you have a PostScript or PDF printer and it does not print correctly from Ubuntu, please report a bug and proceed as follows, telling all your results in your bug report and staying tuned for further instructions of the developers:
+  1. Tell us the exact Ubuntu version which you are using.
+  2. Tell us the exact printer model.
+  3. Attach the input file which you tried to print and tell us with which application you tried to print it.
+  4. Attach the data which CUPS receives from the application (section "Capturing print job data" on this page).
+  5. Attach the data which the printer receives (section "Getting the data which would go to the printer" on this page)
+  6. Examine the file obtained in the previous step by running the command <<BR>> {{{$ file printout}}} <<BR>> If it is PostScript or PDF, subscribe "cliddell" (Chris Liddell, Ghostscript upstream developer) to the bug report and also try to display the file on the screen with "evince" and "gs".
+  7. 
  = USB printer does not print or prints garbage =
  There are some USB printers who do not work when the standard communication through the USB is applied. For these exception rules need to get implemented in the USB backend of CUPS.

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