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Mon Apr 8 16:34:14 UTC 2013

On 08/04/2013 18:20, Alberto Salvia Novella wrote:
> El 22/03/13 05:52, Alberto Salvia Novella escribió:
>> Here is my application:
>> 1. Do you promise to be polite to bug reporters even if they are rude
>> to you or Ubuntu? Have you signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct?
>>     Yes, I promise: I signed Ubuntu Code of Conduct years ago, and
>>     read it recently.
>> 2. Have you read Bugs/HowToTriage
>> <>, Bugs/Assignment
>> <>, Bugs/Status
>> <> and Bugs/Importance
>> <>? Do you have any questions
>> about that documentation?
>>     I have been an active member of Launchpad since 2007 and, since
>>     then, the only operating system I have used in my computers has
>>     been Ubuntu. In this period I read these wiki-pages many times,
>>     and from start to end before writing this application.
>> 3. What sensitive data should you look for in a private Apport crash
>> report bug before making it public? See Bugs/HowToTriage
>> <> for more information.
>>     - I should look for "CoreDump.gz" and remove it if the stack
>>     trace provides enough details.
>>     - I should check into "Stacktrace.txt" and "ThreadStacktrace.txt"
>>     for any sensitive information like passwords, bank account
>>     numbers, CSS keys, user names or server names.
>> 4. Is there a particular package or group of packages that you are
>> interested in helping out with?
>>     There isn't. My objective is Ubuntu to be perceived stable as a
>>     hole, by working on bugs that are more obvious and making them to
>>     be triaged as fast as possible.
>> 5. Please list five or more bug reports which you have triaged and
>> include an explanation of your decisions. Please note that these bugs
>> should be representative of your very best work and they should
>> demonstrate your understanding of the triage process and how to
>> properly handle bugs. For *all* the bugs in the list, please indicate
>> what importance you would give it *and* explain the reasoning.
>> /Please use urls in your list of bugs./
>>     Bandwidth limit is not correctly enforced: Transmission delays
>>     are inserted between data chunk writes (of arbitrary sizes)
>>     <>
>>     - I change the hole bug description to be as clear as possible.
>>     Also the original one didn't have proper steps to reproduce it.
>>     - I deeply investigated the origin of the bug and how to
>>     workaround it. I provided the tools to test it by the users
>>     themselves.
>>     - I would give it an importance of "high", since it has a
>>     moderate impact on a large portion of Ubuntu users.
>>     Misinformation when intending to download the 64-bit edition
>>     <>
>>     - I completely rewrote the hole bug, since it didn't reflect the
>>     scope of the hole long discussion hold.
>>     - I would give it an importance of "low", since it's usability
>>     issue that does not limit the functionality of Ubuntu but rather
>>     creates a probable non-ideal configurations scenario.
>>     Unable to upgrade "commercial/binary-i386/Packages"
>>     <>
>>     - I change the hole bug description to be as clear as possible.
>>     - I asked the user to add the missing log files as separate
>>     attachments, in order to have them automatically available. Also
>>     marked the bug as incomplete.
>>     - Also asked to gather information using apport, since it was missed.
>>     - I would give it an importance of "low", since the program
>>     itself suggest the origin of the problem is a misconfiguration.
>>     upgrade issues 12.04=>12.10
>>     <>
>>     - I transformed this but to a question, since the user made a
>>     cross-dependency issue himself by using an experimental ppa for
>>     xorg. So it wasn't a bug but a support request.
>>     - Since it is not longer a bug, its importance cannot be set.
>>     However is would give it an importance of "low", since it's hoped
>>     the user to be the only one affected.
>>     When selected partition is not focused, it becomes invisible
>>     <>
>>     - I attached an screen-cast which clearly showed the problem, but
>>     now I think screen-casts are useless when the bug description is
>>     clear.
>>     - I would give it an importance of "low", since it's an usability
>>     issue that does not limit the functionality of the application.
>>     - I assigned the bug to the "Paper Cuts Ninja" project, since of
>>     its low importance in a application provided in the default
>>     installation.
>> Or have a look at any other bug from the bunch I have here
>> <>, although they aren't the
>> most impressive in the world. But happy birthday to me: I recently
>> got my twenty-fives and also got at the same time my hundred bugs
>> worked in. And if you notice any errata in this application there
>> will be no problem in asking me to improve it.
>> Regards,
>> Alberto Salvia Novella (es20490446e)
>> <>
>> El 08/01/13 15:10, C de-Avillez escribió:
>>> On Tuesday, January 08, 2013 00:36:30 Alberto Salvia Novella wrote:
>>>> Please, accept me to join Ubuntu BugSquad and BugControl in Launchpad
>>>> and I will show you what Raring is going to be. If you need more info
>>>> about me and how familiar I am with the triaging process, you can have a
>>>> look at my profile in Launchpad <>.
>>> My fault there regarding the Ubuntu-BugSquad. I have added you in (and 
>>> processed all other pending requests).
>>> For Ubuntu BugControl the process is different. You must show you understand 
>>> how we use status and importance, and you must show bugs you triaged. This 
>>> process is explained in [1].
>>> Cheers,
>>> ..C..
>>> [1]
> So?
And mine ?
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