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   8. Check via the command <<BR>> {{{$ file ~/printout}}} <<BR>> what format the file is. It is usually PDF or PostScript. Display the file on the screen to see whether the problem already occurs (error message, missing characters, wrong colors, ...). If you see the problem already, the application is the culprit, assign your bug report to the application's package, otherwise assign it to the "cups" package.
   9. Attach the original file of your application and the ~/printout file to your bug report.
+ = Getting the data which would go to the printer =
+ Another important piece of data for debugging printing problems is the data which is supposed to be sent to the printer. In the previous section we captured what the application has sent to CUPS. CUPS applies several filters to this data to convert it into the prionter's native language. This result of the filter work we capture here.
+  1. Activate printing into a file by adding a line containing "FileDevice yes" to /etc/cups/cups-files.conf and restarting CUPS by the command <<BR>> {{{$ sudo restart cups}}}
+  2. Clone the queue of the printer with problems. The clone should print into a file and not to the actual printer, but the driver should the same, so that the same filters get applied. Use the command: <<BR>> {{{$ lpadmin -p test -E -v file:/tmp/printout -P /etc/cups/ppd/<queue name>.ppd}}} <<BR>>Replace "<queue name>" by the name of the queue with the problem. The clone has also exactly the same default settings as the original queue.
+  3. Print the job which failed to the new print queue "test". If you have selected options in the print dialog, use the same options as you used when you encountered the problem. Wait until the job finishes (disappears in the job viewer). You will have a non-empty file named /tmp/printout then. Copy this file to your home directory: <<BR>> {{{$ sudo cp /tmp/printout ~}}} <<BR>> {{{$ sudo chmod 777 ~/printout}}}
+  4. Attach this file to your bug report and/or examine it.
  = USB printer does not print or prints garbage =
  There are some USB printers who do not work when the standard communication through the USB is applied. For these exception rules need to get implemented in the USB backend of CUPS.

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