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some notes on crash reports not being uploaded to launchpad etc. 

  ==== Stable release ====
- Apport is disabled by default in stable releases. To enable it, edit the file:
+ Apport is disabled by default in stable releases (note: this is not true, apport is enabled by default in Precise, I have not checked other releases). To enable it, edit the file:
@@ -113, +113 @@

+ Note 1) even when enabled, apport will not upload crash reports to Launchpad for a stable release (this is deliberate, see [[https://bugs.launchpad.net/apport/+bug/997283|bug #997283]]). Instead, crash reports are uploaded to [[http://errors.ubuntu.com]].
+ Note 2) apport will appear to upload a crash report, but only actually does so if whoopsie is installed. Whoopsie is installed by default for users of ubuntu-desktop, but for users of alternative desktops, or for server users, whoopsie has to be installed manually with ''apt-get install whoopsie''. See [[https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xubuntu-meta/+bug/1001630|bug #1001630]] for details.
  === System crash ===
@@ -221, +225 @@

  You will need to answer a few questions, which will vary depending on which package the bug report is about. Relevant system information, including the package name, is then saved on the target system, in the current directory. The extension indicates if it is a crash report or another kind of report. If you decide to rename the report file, please keep the `.apport` or `.crash` extension.
  After copying it to a different system you can file that report using the following command:<<BR>>`ubuntu-bug -c` ''`<apport_file.extension>`''
+ (note: this does not work for crash reports from stable Ubuntu releases, see [[https://bugs.launchpad.net/apport/+bug/997283|bug #997283]] crash reports "do not get filed to Launchpad any more...  we don't want crash reports for the non-development version on Launchpad.")
  If this is to be added to an existing bug report, also use the -u option:<<BR>>`ubuntu-bug -c` ''`<apport_file.extension>`'' `-u` ''`<bug number>`''

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