12.04 beta

E Althuis ealthuis at shaw.ca
Tue Mar 13 15:13:07 UTC 2012

I upgraded to Ubuntu Linux 12.04 a day after it was released.  My 
computer is pure Linux.

Three problems have shown:

1	In Libre Office a palette as described on page 12 of the Calc 
documentation has lodged itself under the left side of the Ubuntu top 
panel.  I cannot move or delete it as it's toolbar is inaccessible. How 
can I either move the top panel or the palette so I can kill the 
palette. By the way it shows up in calc, writer and all other sections 
of LibO.

2	A black button with the words "Close Window" randomly places itself 
anywhere on the screen, it too cannot be moved or deleted.

3	There is no more "Hibernate" and this just as it is working perfectly 
in 11.10

Other than that 12.04 runs superbly and I have no difficulty with it.

Hope to get some help,


E Althuis

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