"Bugs 101" IRC Classroom Sessions Discussion

Matt Fischer matthew.fischer at canonical.com
Fri Jul 13 15:37:23 UTC 2012

On 07/13/2012 08:45 AM, Thomas Ward wrote:
> Greetings, fellow bug squad and bug control members!
> I was talking to pleia2 (on IRC) during the user days geared towards 
> newbies on the classroom, and we happened to start discussing the 
> possibility of members of the bugsquad and/or bugcontrol having 
> sessions relating to bugs, such as how to file them, how the bug 
> lifecycle works, etc.
> I see a ton of users of other support resources such as Ask Ubuntu or 
> Ubuntu Forums or some of the IRC channels reporting bugs in those 
> methods but not filing bugs, or sometimes filing bugs that aren't even 
> bugs, or arent bound to any package, or the likes.  I think it'd be 
> pretty decent if we can get some sessions together to help teach the 
> people who are not as experienced with bugs how to correctly file a 
> bug and how to understand the lifecycle of a bug, and what we do as 
> BugSquad and BugControl members.  One of the methods we can teach this 
> by is dedicated classroom sessions on IRC for such things (sort of a 
> Bugs 101)
> I know Micah thinks this'd be a good idea, so I'm curious who on the 
> bugsquad and bugcontrol would care to participate in such an event, if 
> we decide to add Bugs sessions to the next User Days classroom 
> sessions, or even if we schedule something outside of user days, and 
> what types of topics (including but not limited to a "Bugs 101" 
> session) we should touch upon during such a session.  Thoughts?
> (This is just a discussion right now, if we think this is a good idea 
> we can arrange session times with whomever has control over the 
> classroom calendar)
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> Thomas Ward
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I can assist in the session or assist in developing notes/material if 
someone else can be the main owner.

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