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The "DebuggingPrintingProblems" page has been changed by till-kamppeter:

   8. Check via the command <<BR>> {{{$ file ~/printout}}} <<BR>> what format the file is. It is usually PDF or PostScript. Display the file on the screen to see whether the problem already occurs (error message, missing characters, wrong colors, ...). If you see the problem already, the application is the culprit, assign your bug report to the application's package, otherwise assign it to the "cups" package.
   9. Attach the original file of your application and the ~/printout file to your bug report.
+ = Problems installing the CUPS package =
+ Most problems of installing the CUPS package are due to the CUPS daemon not starting after the installation or update of the package and this often happens when something is not OK with the configuration settings in '''/etc/cups/cupsd.conf'''.
+ To find out what is happening during startup of CUPS run the following commands <<BR>>
+ {{{$ wget http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/tmp/cups.upstart.debug}}} <<BR>>
+ {{{$ sudo cp /etc/init/cups.conf{,.orig} }}} <<BR>>
+ {{{$ sudo cp cups.upstart.debug /etc/init/cups.conf}}} <<BR>>
+ {{{$ sudo stop cups}}} <<BR>>
+ {{{$ sudo start cups}}} <<BR>>
+ This should fail. Please attach '''/tmp/log''' to your bug report. After that, please restore the original script again with <<BR>>
+ {{{$ sudo mv /etc/init/cups.conf{.orig,} }}} <<BR>>
+ if the CUPS daemon did not start ("lpstat -r" says "scheduler is not running") follow the instructions under "CUPS error_log" on this page and instead of sending a job try to start CUPS: <<BR>>
+ {{{$ sudo /usr/sbin/cupsd}}} <<BR>>
+ If it fails, attach your error_log to your bug report.
+ If you look into your /tmp/log and error_log, you can probably also already find by yourself what went wrong, for example a broken entry in /etc/cups/cupsd.conf.
  = Known bugs =
  Description of known issues, how to recognise them and stock responses/actions.

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