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  The preferred way to submit crash data is to send it directly to Mozilla when the crash dialog appears.  To find your submitted crash data, go to about:crashes in the browser.  In most cases it isn't necessary to open a bug in Launchpad when you do this, especially if the crash report you submitted is already linked to a bug report in the upstream Bugzilla, or the crash is being experienced on non-Ubuntu systems (eg, other Linux distros, or even Windows or Mac OS). If the crash you submit appears to be unique to Ubuntu and it doesn't have a bug open in the upstream Bugzilla (or you just feel that Ubuntu developers need to be made aware of it), then feel free to open a bug in Launchpad.
  If you do open a bug report in Launchpad, you '''must''' provide the crash ID of the crash report you submitted.
+ To find the ID's of crash reports that you have submitted, go to Help -> Troubleshooting Information and click on the about:crashes link in the "Application Basics" section. This is applicable to Firefox and Thunderbird.
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