Asking guidance on triaging bugs.

Łukasz Olszewski lcpak at
Sat Nov 5 08:18:48 UTC 2011

The right thing to do now is to ask the reported for a proper backtrace
for hanging apps. Please refer to: for
more details.

05.11.2011 09:11, Ankit saini:
> Hi, I have recently joined the Ubuntu bug squad so I am a bit confused
> regarding the actions one should take during the triaging process
> For example take bug #886450. In it the Gvim and Emacs hang when
> started unmaximized. I was unable to reproduce the bug but the
> reporter is sure that he is having this bug.
> Now, I want to know what should be done now
> Should it be reported to Vim and Emacs bug database
> Or anywhere else
> It surely is not due to the window manager since the bug persists even
> after changing the window manager.
> Thank you.

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