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  Bugs relating to [[Plymouth]] package
  = How to file =
- Please run 'ubuntu-bug plymouth' to file a bug 
+ When filing a bug against Plymouth, it is always necessary to provide:
+  1. A detailed description of the problem, including any error message or special visual phenomenon you might notice.
+  2. The file created by this command in a terminal : {{{sudo lspci -vvnn > lspci-vvnn.txt}}}
+  3. The file created by this command in a terminal : {{{cat /boot/grub/menu.lst > menu.lst}}}
+  5. The file created by this command in a terminal : {{{uname -a > uname-a.txt}}}
+  6. A photo of the problem is often very useful.
  = Bug tags =
  = Debugging procedure =
+ Please see [[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Plymouth#Debugging]]
+ = How to Triage =
+ When triaging bugs in Plymouth, it's important to make sure that the bug describes a genuine bug in Plymouth. If a bug describes a problem that might not be related to Plymouth, the bug reporter should be asked to try reproducing the bug without Plymouth (as indicated in the Debugging procedure). When the bug can be reproduced without plymouth, the package should be changed for the appropriate one.<<BR>>
+ It's also important to make sure that the bug reporter gave sufficient information like described in the "How to file" section. When some information are missing, it's always a good idea to set the status of the bug to Incomplete, subscribe yourself to the bug report and to ask the reporter for the missing information.
+ == Stock Reply ==
  Thanks. Please boot with 'plymouth:debug=file:/var/log/plymouth-debug.log' added to your boot options, then attach the resulting /var/log/plymouth-debug.log.
- = How to Triage =
- todo
- == Stock Reply ==
- todo
- == How to Forward ==
- Click on "Also affects project" and look up for "Plymouth" project, then press ok.
  = Known bugs =
- todo
+ ||<rowbgcolor="#eeeeee"> Bug || Subject || Symptom ||
+ || LP:564471 || '''garbled video at boot on radeon cards''' ||  ||
  = Non-bugs =

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