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Or ...

Learn how you can volunteer at

The "volunteer" status does not have to be implicitly stated, because if
anybody is curious they will visit the web site anyway. 

I through in the "prompt" as I thought it was clever, but it could simply be
"Ubuntu BugSquad" etc.


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On Fri, 20 May 2011 19:02:56 -0400
Evan Huus wrote:

>On Fri, May 20, 2011 at 6:03 PM, Brian Murray <brian at ubuntu.com> wrote:
>> On Thu, May 19, 2011 at 07:33:33PM +0300, Simos Xenitellis wrote:
>>> On Thu, May 19, 2011 at 5:24 PM, Brian Murray <brian at ubuntu.com> wrote:
>>> > I was looking at a Fedora bug report today[1] and noticed that a comment
>>> > had a little signature at the bottom like so:
>>> >
>>> > Fedora Bugzappers volunteer triage team
>>> > https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BugZappers
>>> >
>>> > I think doing something similar as Bug Squad members might be a neat
>>> > idea.  We could put them in the standard responses xml file too if that
>>> > would make things easier.  What do you think?
>>> >
>>> > [1] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=703511#c6
>>> >
>>> >
>>> Nice idea!
>>> How to implement?
>>> 1. Add facility in the launchpad account page for each person to add a
>>> 'signature', to be used when they post at launchpad.net.
>>> » Not good, people will add their own thing and text, which will make it
>>> messy. Who is going to put order?
>>> 2. Add facility to launchpad.net to add stock text to our replies. Like a
>>> drop-down menu with common stock answers.
>>> » Requires coding to launchpad.net, and is needed by few people.
>>> 3. Create a Firefox/Chrome extension (or Greasemonkey script) that adds
>>> functionality on launchpad.net to add the said stock signature or stock
>>> answers.
>>> » I think this would be the easiest and fastest way to implement.
>> We actually already have both of these.  firefox-lp-improvements[1] is a
>> Firefox / Chrome extension which is really a collection of Greasemonkey
>> scripts[2].  I've made a new Greasemonkey script[3] that adds the
>> following signature:
>> ---
>> Ubuntu Bug Squad member
>> Volunteer bug triager
>> http://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad
>> to the comment field of Ubuntu bug reports in Launchpad.  I've not yet
>> added it to the extension because I'm not 100% happy with the wording
>> and would like it to get some testing too.  Oh, it also currently only
>> fills in the bottom comment on bug reports.  (In case you didn't know
>> there is an expandy in the bug tasks table that opens up comment field
>> with options for modifying the bug task.)  That comment field requires
>> some extra work because the common replies use that and would overwrite
>> the signature.
>> Anyway, if you could install it and test it (or just comment on the
>> wording) that'd be great!
>A few comments regarding the wording:
>1)  I'm not sure we want to use the word 'triage/triager' in the sig:
>it has the right meaning, but it's unfriendly to people not already
>familiar with bug management terms.
>2) Using both 'volunteer' and 'member' could be confusing, since they
>have slightly different connotations (ie membership is something you
>have to earn or somehow pay for -- technically true in this case, but
>the barrier to entry is not as big as people may assume).
>3) Officially, is it Bug Squad, BugSquad or Bug-Squad? Just wondering
>how users might divide it, for example [Ubuntu Bug] [Squad] vs
>[Ubuntu] [Bug Squad]. Terribly minor quibble, really, but now I'm
>curious which is actually correct :)
>How about just:
>Ubuntu Bug-Squad Volunteer
>or a friendlier but wordier version:
>I am an Ubuntu Bug-Squad Volunteer
>Learn more at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad
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