mass tagging of some bug reports

Brian Murray brian at
Tue Jul 19 22:44:33 UTC 2011

I'm planning on tagging about 5000 bug reports with attachments named
'VarLogDistupgradeApttermlog.gz' with the tag 'dist-upgrade'.

These bug reports have been reported by apport and are package
installation failures but are currently indistinguishable (well other
than checking the attachments) from regular package installation
failures as they are all tagged 'apport-package'.

Having the tag will allow us to search using Launchpad for package
installation failures that have occurred when performing a distribution
upgrade.  This will be useful when cleaning up existing apport-package
bug reports and when creating tests for package installation failures.

Barring any strenuous objections I plan on doing this on Friday, July
22nd so you might want filter bug mail from me with the body:

"** Tags added: dist-upgrade"

to somewhere special - but only for that day!

Brian Murray
Ubuntu Bug Master
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