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The "Unity/FilingBugs" page has been changed by om26er:

  Similarly, if a bug is reported against a component project a task should be added against the super project.
  For example if a reporter reports a bug in nux, bamf, dee, etc. a task should be filed against unity so that we can keep track of all of the components in one place.
+ === Marking as triaged ===
+ If a bug is present and have the steps to reproduce the problem the status can be set to "triaged". This status tells that the bug is ready for a developer to fix.
+ There are times when the original description of the bug is very little useful and the real problem gets described in the comments of the bug report, in these cases its wise for the triager to gather the steps from the comments and update the description of the bug report with clear steps to reproduce.
  == Design Bugs ==
  Some bugs are not technical defects, but behavioral, or visual ones. These often require input from the design team before they can be fixed. When a bug is determined to be a design bug, it should have an ''Ayatana design'' task added to it, and its Unity status should be set to ''incomplete'' with the tag ''needs-design''. After a design decision has been reached the Unity status should be set to ''triaged'' as there is then enough information for the bug to be fixed. See also the ''Blocked waiting for design decision'' canned response.

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