Workarounds for bugs

Brian Murray brian at
Mon Aug 8 17:54:19 UTC 2011

Providing a workaround[1] in a bug description is a way to help users
accomplish a task until a fix for the bug is provided in Ubuntu.  These
should be identified as "WORKAROUND" in the bug description as
documented in  Additionally,
it would be useful if these were tagged 'workaround' so that we can use
Launchpad's search features to find them.

A wonderful thing about Ubuntu is the plethora of software and the
variety of different ways to accomplish the same task.  However, a
workaround should not require one to use a different piece of software
than the one they were trying to use or installing different software.
For example, in I was trying to view a
pdf at a notebook manufacturer's web site.  I was unable to view the
pages of the pdf using evince however Pedro mentioned to me that he
could view using them Acrobat Reader.  This would not qualify as a
workaround for our purposes as it is a totally different piece of


Brian Murray
Ubuntu Bug Master
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