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David Tombs cyan.spam at
Sun Sep 12 22:31:45 BST 2010

On 09/11/2010 12:55 AM, Mackenzie Morgan wrote:
> On Friday, September 10, 2010 04:17:52 pm Mohamed Amine IL Idrissi wrote:
>> Besides, there is the issue of EOL: 8.10 is EOL, 9.04 will be in one month,
>> and 8.04 in seven months (the last one receives mostly security updates).
> Uh...maybe on the desktop, but 8.04's going to be around til April 2013 on the 
> server, and ubuntu-bug exists there too.

Well, everyone makes mistakes.

My suggestion for the alternate versions would be to have the changes
inline instead of having different sections for each version. There's
not that much difference between 8.04 and 10.04 here.

I'll try to implement this during the week if I get a chance.


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