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Wed Sep 1 19:06:30 BST 2010

On Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 1:36 PM, Mohammed Amine IL Idrissi
<ilidrissiamine at> wrote:
> What would be ideal is that the user follow these steps:
> 1. Run "ubuntu-bug".
> 2. The current window opens, but with two more options: "Application
> problem" and "Specific package problem (advanced)".
> 2a. Choosing "Application problem" will open a window where you can
> drag-and-drop an application from the menu.
> 2b. Choosing "Specific package problem" will show a text entry where
> the user can type the package name.
> 3. If the user still can't know the specific problem, an alert shows
> and warns him that filing a bug without a package is not recommended,
> with a checkbox named: "This bug is about an application that needs
> packaging".

What you're describing sounds to me like adding a new Symptom, and
maybe it's not such a bad idea, as it could reduce the amount of
interaction some people have to have with the command-line when they
are new to Ubuntu and still want to report bugs. I think it would
benefit a bit more thought though, as maybe it's a little too many
clicks the way you're describing it.

The way I see this, there should also be a .desktop file shipped with
apport/ubuntu-bug so that such generic bugs can be filed from
somewhere in the menu (I'm thinking System>Administration, even if it
doesn't seem like the right place). We could then simply tell users in
bug reports: click X, then Y, then type in the name of the package
(which would probably be given to them by the triager), or use the
cursor to click on the application that is frozen (à la xprop), and
have them avoid the CLI completely.

Definitely something I'll look into when I have some free time :)

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