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Brian Murray brian at
Wed Sep 1 18:01:40 BST 2010

On Fri, Aug 27, 2010 at 01:37:18PM -0400, David Tombs wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was just looking at the ReportingBugs wiki page[1] and thought that
> the current intro (between the two "Reporting Bugs" headers) is a little
> awkward. It's obviously there because the +filebug launchpad page[2]
> simply redirects users to the wiki page, and that might confuse users.

It really isn't that much text and I'd imagine that most people who go
to that wiki page are actually being redirected there and not navigating
to it directly.

Additionally, I really don't think have a link to the no-redirect page
in the second sentence is a good idea at all.  It just makes it that
much easier for people to not read the instructions regarding bug filing
which then leads to low quality bug reports.

> Since streamlining the bug reporting process is definitely in our favor,
> I suggest a clearer and less awkward process: what if the +filebug page
> presented a message to the user that it is no longer the way to report
> bugs and then just /linked/ to the wiki page for further information?

This would require some additional changes to Launchpad which can be a
time consuming process.

> This way we can get rid of the introduction on ReportingBugs, reducing
> the text users have to read and possibly some confusion for first-time
> reporters.

Has anybody heard of any complaints from people reading that page who
were not redirected to it?

Brian Murray
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