Handling bugs from foreign language speakers

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Mohammed brings up a very good point! Ubuntu has a user-base in almost every
country around the world. Not everyone can explain their problem well in
English thus it can cause many bugs not fixed.
Here is how I would handle this issue:

1. Conduct a survey to find out the ammount of users there are whose
dominant language is other than English.

2. Assign ACTIVE cordinators for each one of these languages, if a language
does not have many users, assign 1. For more widespread languages like
Spanish - Multiple will be needed.

3. Bugs are submitted through a general form, but the user is able to chose
his native language which will then send the bug over to a translator.

4. Translator translates the bug and it is released to the general public
for viewing.

An issue with the above can be that the translator can in one point decide
that he doesnt feel like translating no more. If he is the only translator
for the language -- we are stuck.

I am willing to take on the translation for the Ukrainian and Russian
languages since I speak them fluently.

This is not something that she be ignored since there are MANY non-english
speaking users around the world and I know many of them which is funny since
I live in the United States :)

Lets hear some more feedback!


On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 3:27 PM, Mohammed Amine IL Idrissi <
ilidrissiamine at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Currently, we (bug triagers and users of Launchpad in general) only
> accept bug reports and comments in English. This can cause a problem,
> since it's nearly impossible for speakers of a language other than
> English to post a bug report ; in the end, we're losing an opportunity
> to improve Ubuntu by fixing nasty bugs.
> So how can we improve this situation? In our recent meeting, two
> possibilities (I think) were discussed:
> - Include the option of translating the bug via Google Translate's API.
>  I don't think this is a good idea, since the translation isn't
> guaranteed to be good, which can lead to confusion in technical talks
> IMO.
> - Have a small group of bug triagers in each local community, who
> would triage bugs from native/foreign speakers and then send them to
> Launchpad with the appropriate translation.
> So what's your point of view? Please share it :)
> Thank you,
> Mohamed Amine IL Idrissi
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