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> hM4DYwb/dvcZzOwQAv0WG+4nw3WN9hvi+SQH7yNMAUY7In79VHNN4nMEimn5ZMh/
> mg2mIOnaqJTkok44lAACVc4ORs3kqYHMLRwH90/cWta82BRl5kjppPlGsoc98tyH
> 2qmKIQWgCqcYQMc28xwC/jt2xUwYnI8G4pzLdlFZEFKx4/LuXLRMy8w9AKy2Mjuw
> MmEP5LCqdsUE11yz2AyCVddUhlosqCst9QIyADeEDm79BhoAoqzHG+uBuMGJ0vqO
> SDTmjlIA9dPGnJiMw7IhWtJqAaRbN70tssNMRRFV5BmLS9GCMFUD1kb0zeMGhUdq
> QQWnWsFn0Svhp5rXFEnI2NZr5rcbxP7UqSmo14IFcQgsqr5AnRzPYi7Y2N7x5p2a
> T6j5BQDH4wJu374snyClTTHD1PvkMzZ6WjxsFQ==
> =an85
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Thank you for your interest in joining the Ubuntu BugSquad and helping.

Unfortunately we have no idea of what you said in your email, since it
was encrypted (see above), and we cannot decrypt it. 

Can you please resend in clear-text? Digital signatures are OK, though.


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