Mentorship and other ways of encouraging and streamlining involvement

|| നൈജില്‍ || Nigel nigelbabu at
Sun Mar 7 02:11:08 GMT 2010

Brian D'Souza wrote:
> mentorship would be a very good idea. Someone like would really
> appreciate if some help is given on bug triaging etc to ensure the
> first few bugs caught by a new comer like me are accurate cuz that
> really boosts morale and get more and more bugs triaged etc.
> Reading the bug triage wikis helps a lot but some hand holding at the
> initial stages goes a long way
> Regards,
> Brian D'Souza

Hi Brian:

There is already an existing mentorship program in place, besides, if 
you run into any doubts feel free to ask in #ubuntu-bugs, anyone will be 
happy to help you out

Warm Regards
Nigel Babu

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