Yuriy Kozlov yuriy-kozlov at
Sat Jan 30 21:29:02 GMT 2010

> Apport fails because the package assigned is wrong.  kubuntu-kde4-meta
> only existed in Hardy (8.04) and the -meta package just defines a
> collection of packages, in this case the packages that are part of the
> KDE4 Remix CD released for 8.04.  -meta packages do not contain any
> actual software, so they are very rarely the correct package to assign
> to.  In this case, the correct package is either kdebase-runtime or
> kde4libs.  I'm not sure what exactly handles screen brightness and
> power management at this point.
> ~ Yuriy

That is, if it is indeed a KDE bug.  It sounds like it could be lower
down in the stack, especially if you read the link he gave with a
workaround.  Likely the correct package is actually linux (the kernel)
or maybe hal.

~ Yuriy

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