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Hello all,

As you may (or may not) know, we have a bot -- eeeBotu -- that
announces new Ubuntu bugs on the #ubuntu-bugs-announce channel on

-- History Interlude --
This bot was written by Mike Rooney in 2008, after we lost the
then-offical bug-announcing bot. The name 'eeeBotu' came from the
fact that Mike originally was running the bot on his eeePC, and that
it was a bot for Ubuntu (as expected, for this last part).

After a while, Mike had a problem on the eeePC, and was looking for
someone to host the bot. Well, I had the equipment and excess
bandwidth, so I started running it. eeeBotu transferred itself to an
old Pentium-4 machine, and has been happily there since.

(The P4 is starting to complain of age, so I will probably be moving
eeeBotu to a not-so-old box in the future.)

Anyway. At the time I started running eeeBotu Mike and I had a lot
of ideas of what the bot could/should do. But... it was working
nice, and we had other things to do... so it was left alone, just
grabbing new bugs for Ubuntu, and announcing them on the channel.

Then... yesterday Jorge Castro pinged me, and asked if eeeBotu could
also monitor Ayatana bugs. Sure, I said. "I want the bugs announced
on the -- say -- #ayatana-bugs channel", said Jorge. "Sure" -- I
said -- "just give me a few minutes to code it in".

Well, it took a bit more than "a few minutes", and it was more than
a quick hack.
-- End History Interlude --

I am happy to announce that:

1. The #ayatana-bugs channel will now have eeeBotu announcing bugs
affecting (ayatana|compiz|unity). Please note that these are
upstream projects on LP, *not* the Ubuntu packages;
2. eeeBotu is now capable of monitoring bugs for different sets of
projects on different channels. The only restriction -- right now --
is that the channels must be on

Please ping me on questions.



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