Bugs not reported in English

Brian Murray brian at ubuntu.com
Thu Dec 16 21:42:51 GMT 2010

A bit ago[1] there was a discussion regarding how to handle bug reports
in a foreign, non-English, language.  This was discussed in some detail
at UDS for Natty and it was decided that the best way to currently deal
with these bug reports is to convert them into a question in Launchpad.

Converting them to a question allows us to keep the information in the
bug report and specify the language that the question / bug is written
in.  The steps for doing this follow:

1) Click "Convert to a question"
2) Add a comment regarding the bug not being reported in English
3) Click "Convert this Bug into a Question"
4) Click the link to the newly created question on the bug report
5) Under Question information click the edit icon next to English
6) Choose the right language (hopefully a word or two looks familiar!)

To make this process easier I'm looking at being able to set the
language in the convert to question page. (Step 2)


Brian Murray
Ubuntu Bug Master
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