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Adding in guidelines for converting a bug to a question

  Only valid and well described bugs can be processed efficiently and swiftly by the developers. A small guide at [[Bugs/Improving]] helps with handing over a good bug to the developers when setting the status 'Triaged'.
+ == Converting a bug report to a question ==
+ Some bug reporters aren't actually reporting a bug but rather are looking for support with using Ubuntu.  These bug reports should be converted to questions so that they will appear in the Launchpad answer tracker and can be answered there.  Telling whether or not a bug report is actually a support is subjective but these guidelines may help you determine if it is a bug or a support request.
+  1. Is the reporter looking for help to accomplish a task?
+     * Installing printer drivers for a printer is a good example of this
+  1. Is the reporter missing a package to accomplish a task?
+     * Missing codecs to watch DVDs is a good example of this
+  1. Is the bug report in a foreign language?
+  1. Has the reporter misconfigured their system?
+     * Mangled lines in {{{/etc/apt/sources.list}}}
  == Invalidating ==
  Sometimes, you will have to invalidate a bug report. This may be because the problem is not reproducible, or the program was designed to behave a certain way. 

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