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Brian Murray brian at
Mon Nov 23 20:58:41 GMT 2009

I'm not sure this was very well communicated during the Karmic
development cycle so I wanted to let everyone know about the
apport-symptoms package.  This package extends apport by having some
"symptom" scripts so one can use "ubuntu-bug storage" to report a bug
about storage devices.

Actually, the storage symptom is the only one that exists in Karmic but
it still can be quite helpful when some has an issue with a usb drive
not mounting or something similar.  The preferred process is to mark the
original bug report as Invalid and ask the reporter to report a new bug
using "ubuntu-bug storage".

I've added a standard response, called "Use Storage Symptom" to the xml
file used by firefox-lp-improvements[1].  Additionally, I added a
'use-storage-symptom' script to the responses directory of
ubuntu-qa-tools[2].  Either of these would likely come in handy when
triaging bugs without a package when searching for the word mount[3] or
maybe storage.


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