To report bug with keyboard layout setting

Dale Gerdemann dale.gerdemann at
Mon Nov 23 14:06:24 GMT 2009

Hello all,

I'm not sure how to report this bug, since I'm not sure what utility program
is involved.

The problem is that each time I log in, I have to go back to
System->Preferences->Keyboard:Layout to delete "USA Alternative
international (former us_intl)". No matter how many times I delete this
layout, it always returns. And even if this layout is not selected, it has
the peculiar effect of screwing up my other keyboard layouts. In particular,
it screws up "USA International (AltGr dead keys)"

I've read about this problem on some forums, but I haven't found any
solution that works for me. Apparently the problem has existed for some
number of years, but I've only had the problem since upgrading to 9.10.

Dale Gerdemann

Dale Gerdemann
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