Creating Roadmaps

Sense Hofstede sense at
Sat Nov 14 22:54:21 GMT 2009


Recently Nathan Handler posted a call at the Fridge for all teams to
create a roadmap for Lucid. [1]
Although some of the things he discusses in the post are a bit basic
for this team, I do think that it's worth considering creating a
roadmap for the Bugsquad. It would be a good way of defining our goals
(a great mentoring system, zero bugs, refinement of Adopt-a-Package,
great upstream relations) and maybe we should make it a point at the
UDS -- which many of us won't be attending -- and the monthly Bugsquad

A roadmap would help us making our goals clearer to ourselves and the
outside world and make it easier to track our progress. Furthermore it
would be an entrance point for new contributors to look what tasks
they could spend their time on, and it would be a good document to see
who's responsible for what, so we know who to talk to if we have
questions about a goal, or if a goal risks not being reached on time.

What do you think? Is it worth putting on the agenda for the upcoming meeting?


Sense Hofstede
/ˈsen.sɜː ˈhɒf.steɪdɜː/

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