Next steps on bug 350680

Mike Rooney mrooney at
Sat Nov 14 20:32:24 GMT 2009

On Sat, Nov 14, 2009 at 4:41 AM, Bruno Girin <brunogirin at> wrote:
> Hi Bug Squad,
> I've been following bug 350680[1] for some time and have been trying to
> contribute. It looks like the issue is now resolved for my particular
> machine but others still report problems. What should the next step be
> to move this bug forward?
> [1]

I've marked it as Triaged, meaning it is ready for a developer to look
at, as there is a recent crash report attached and multiple people
able to confirm it. I've also changed the Importance to Medium as a

If there are some people for whom it is definitely resolved, it might
be best to separate it into two bug reports, one with only the data of
the people that are still having the problem, so it is less confusing.
You might also be able to ping a kernel person to look at it, perhaps
by stopping by #ubuntu-bugs on IRC on Freenode.

Hopefully this helps a bit, and thanks for bringing the bug up!

Michael Rooney
mrooney at

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