Announcing the Next Ubuntu Bug Day! - Thursday 12th November 2009

Pedro Villavicencio Garrido pedro at
Thu Nov 12 11:55:52 GMT 2009


On Wed, 2009-11-11 at 19:08 -0500, Joe Berry wrote:
> Hello Pedro,
> I just joined the BugSquad a couple of days ago and am still trying to
> get myself properly oriented. I don't want to incorrectly respond to
> problems do to my lack of understanding of how things work.  So I would
> like to ask a couple of questions about specific bugs and get your take
> on my comments.
> Under "50 New Bugs", bug # 460161, it seems to me that this is not a bug
> but rather an enhancement request, one which might even be argued about.
> Similarly, regarding bug # 452642, this is an enhancement request.
> Actually, it's a rather good one -- I am familiar with the problem. 
> Is there a category for enhancements or are they lumped together as
> bugs?  How should "bugs" like these be dealt with?

Jonathan is right there when saying that we also track enhancement
request on Launchpad just like other project do that, you can find more
info about bug importances at
also the HowToTriage guide is quite useful: .

Regarding those bugs, they need to be send upstream to the GNOME BTS
( by someone interested on that feature, how to do
that is documented at: 

If you have further questions just send those to the mailing list or
join the Bugsquad IRC channel #ubuntu-bugs at and ask

Have a nice day,


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