Inconsistent Wiki Pages

David Tombs cyan.spam at
Mon Nov 2 16:06:01 GMT 2009


I've wanted to do a couple cleanups like this in the past, and the 
response I got was to go ahead and create wikitext for the updated page 
then post it on this mailing list. That way, you can get some feedback 
whether people like it or not.

Thanks for wanting to help out! I'm sorry there's been little response.


Jonathan Gossage wrote:
> I have recently been going through the various sources of 
> documentation about the Ubuntu development process and have come to 
> the conclusion that the best way for me to help would be, initially, 
> to join the Bug Squad. During this exercise, I looked at the Wiki 
> pages and found a couple of inconsistencies between two of them.
> Specifically, the page 
> states that the first 
> thing that one needs to do is to sign the code of conduct. On the 
> other hand, the page contains no 
> reference to a requirement to sign the code of conduct. This should be 
> resolved to reflect your current policy.
> The second inconsistency is that the page 
> contains a link to actually join the 
> Bug Squad while the page
> only says that you 
> are welcome to join but provides no link.
> There is a considerable amount of duplication between these two pages 
> and it might pay to consider consolidating the common information into 
> a single page so as to minimize the chance of information getting out 
> of synchronization in the future.

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