Fix Release problem

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at
Fri Jun 19 22:54:25 BST 2009

xteejyx at wrote:

> It appears that bug #376145 is Fix Released, but users are still stating
> that this is a problem. I have checked that they are using the correct
> up-to-date version, which they are, but I'm stumped, have never
> encountered this before as a triager.

Maybe it is only fixed for some configurations, or only on some hardware 

(1) Can you personally confirm the original bug (using the unfixed 
version) on your own hardware?

(2) Can you then install the supposedly-fixed version, and try to 
replicate the bug once again?

If installing the updated version fixes the issue for you, then you just 
verified that the fix in that version is at least a partial solution.

If it doesn't fix it for you, then we now have an example machine 
exhibiting the (new/extended?) issue to work on, in the hands of an 
experienced user who is familiar with troubleshooting (you!).  This is 
very helpful -- you can go on to post new debug info, try the workaround 
suggested by a commenter on that bug, etc. etc.


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