Changes to the triage guide - translation bugs

Susana Pereira susana.pereira at
Sat May 31 16:58:24 BST 2008


I brought this up in #ubuntu-bugs today and was told to send an email to
these lists. I only subscribe the translators list and not the bugsquad
so if you answer from that list please CC me.

Currently, the triage guide instructs people to close translation bugs
as invalid[1] and redirect the reporter to rosetta[2]. In my opinion
this wrong because:

1) They are real issues that need to be fixed;

2) Unless the reporter is a member of the translators team, his/her
changes are going to be marked as suggestions. Rosetta does not warn
translators about new suggestions and it takes a member to mark them as
permanent translations;

3) You assume the reporter knows the package where that string is from
which is, sometimes, not that obvious;

4) By closing the bug you are making sure that the only people who can
fix it will not see it;

I think it would be much better to tell triagers to subscribe the
appropriate translation team. I have done this many times and usually
translators are very fast at fixing bugs once they know they exist. I've
seen many developers doing this too, but general triagers just close the

As I understand it, there is no meta package that reporters can report
their translation bugs to and translators can subscribe to without the
need of bugsquad work. This would decrease work for triagers that
already have too much work, and would make fixing these issues faster. 

But if this is not possible, translators could perhaps be encouraged to
subscribe their relevant language packages (e.g. language-pack-*,
language-support-*) and when bugs are reported against the application
itself triagers would subscribe the team or change package.



[1]"The best thing to do here is to politely decline the report while
thanking the user for submitting it. There are some useful
Bugs/Responses that you can use in these cases."

[2]"Thank you for taking the time to report this bug and helping to
make Ubuntu better. However, Ubuntu gets its translations from the
translations portion of Launchpad ([WWW], where translation teams work
on making Ubuntu more useful in their language. If you want to change a
translation in Ubuntu there is the right place."

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