Firefox 3 b5 "Work Offline"

Mark markluxton at
Tue May 27 02:44:17 BST 2008

    I just signed up to the bug squad so I hope it is ok to use this 
email addy to make a report.
I am still using a dial up connection and so I tend to find bugs there. 
Still not that much support for dial up in most Linux's. Understandable 
but annoying.
    *Firefox 3 starts up in offline mode.* Tested on three PC's so far. 
I don't know yet if this is the case with NIC's. When I click a link in 
an email, Firefox starts up but fails to access the web address as it is 
in offline mode. When I start Firefox and type in an address, same 
problem. If I start a second instance of Firefox it starts up in Online 
mode as it should(with the first instance being online already). I 
realize this is a beta version of Firefox, so I am hoping this will get 
    I have found other bugs but will make separate bug reports.
         Truly, Mark Luxton

P.S. It sure would be nice to have a single launcher to connect and 
disconnect with one click...AND also start the 
firewall(Firestarter/Iptables). Gnome PPPon does not work well. It would 
be also reassuring if the launcher indicated being online and the 
firewall being active. openSUSE has a small tool that is close.
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