Incomplete with no response >30 days

Wolfger wolfger at
Mon May 26 23:13:36 BST 2008

On Mon, May 26, 2008 at 11:53 AM, Reinhard Tartler <siretart at> wrote:

> So a pretty please with sugar on the top: If you don't understand what a
> bug is about, please do not touch it. This includes all what is recently
> called a "workflow bug".

This is a pointless request, since it requires the person looking at
the bug to understand that he doesn't understand. People who think
they understand (but don't) are far more damaging than people who know
they don't understand.

> I'm a bit surprised that the bugsquad team focuses on triaging and
> editing bugs instead on generating statistics, showing trends and
> pointing to pointless bug statuses like bugs marked 'in progress'
> without assignee or bugs assigned to a team.

I am totally confused by what you mean here. You are surprised that
bugsquad focuses on triaging bugs?

> Developers don't need a group of people malicously editing their bugs,

Ubuntu does not need people maliciously sowing dissent in the ranks of
the volunteers who work very hard to help Ubuntu. If you have evidence
that "a group of people" are "maliciously" editing bugs, then please
present that evidence so we can deal with these people. If you have no
such evidence, then you are not doing Ubuntu any favors at all by
making baseless accusations against unnamed people. In fact, I think
there may be some violation of the code of conduct occurring here.

> So please, again, think about the bug when working on it. If you are
> unsure, please contact an developer and ask for help. You shouldn't be
> afraid of talking to an developer.

After some of the lovely attitudes I've seen in this thread? Yes, you
all seem so welcoming...

> And do notify developers how you expect interaction to be. Don't
> expect developers (or anyone) to regularily poll the wiki page.

In so far as the debugging process is documented on the wiki page, I
*do* expect people (triagers and developers alike) to monitor the wiki
pages that pertain to them for changes. It's a simple thing to do,
requiring very little time. When a procedure is documented but not
followed (or when a procedure is changed but the documentation isn't)
is when problems like this entire thread arise.


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