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Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Mon May 26 18:49:07 BST 2008

Scott Kitterman wrote:
> At UDS we had a couple of good sessions around this topic.  I accepted an action, as one of the people primarily focused on development present, to summarize the proposal to the development community.  I don't think that was meant to imply that people focused on triaging should be left out, just that it wasn't my task to communicate it to them (on a related note, if someone reading this on -devel-discuss could let this onto the bugsquad list, please do as I'm not subscribed).
> Rather than develop more alternate solutions, I'd suggest patience at rhis point.  It will likely take a little bit for me get this written up as the proposal has some complexity to it and I need to write out enough background to make it clear what problems we are trying to solve with the proposed change for those who have not been involved in the discussion thus far.

I second this sentiment. Please give this topic a break now. We had two 
good discussions at UDS where we looked at both communication and 
technical issues. The good news is that we may well end up with 
procedures that are better for all teams involved than what we currently 
have -- I look forward to reading Scott's draft proposals. Sarah's 
guideline have been put back while we investigate alternatives.

For the record I would like to express my regret for the way I performed 
the wiki edit. I reverted because I objected to the bugsquad policy 
being changed unilaterally -- as I perceived it -- but I should have 
found a more sensitive way of expressing that. Making a note on the page 
that the topic was still being discussed or moving Sarah's changes to a 
discussion page would have been better.


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