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Mon May 26 16:53:18 BST 2008

sense at writes:

> I agree the Bugsquad sometimes forget they're not the only one here.  
> But the developers sometimes also forget that. We're not the humble  
> servant of the developers, although during some discussions I felt  
> like we were being treated like that.

Let's me look up the description of the bugsquad from

: The Ubuntu Bug Squad is an essential asset in helping to make Ubuntu and
: its derivatives better.

: The Bug Squad is the first point of contact for the bugs filed about
: Ubuntu. They assign bugs to packages, ensure that bug reports are
: complete, find duplicate bug reports, recreate bugs and forward bugs to
: their upstream authors. All of these activities help the bug get fixed
: and subsequently making Ubuntu even better.

So the bugsquad does not seem to be willing to actually fix the
bugs. Which is more or less fine with me, it seems that this way is
easier to attract people to work on triaging bugs than encouraging them
to become developer themselves and actually fix them.

However, in the end, we all want the bugs to be fixed. And this is
getting more complicated if the bugsquad does things that intervenes
with the developers work. And editing bugs without understanding them is
a severe intervention, because it causes confusion on both the reporters
and the developers side.

So a pretty please with sugar on the top: If you don't understand what a
bug is about, please do not touch it. This includes all what is recently
called a "workflow bug".

I'm a bit surprised that the bugsquad team focuses on triaging and
editing bugs instead on generating statistics, showing trends and
pointing to pointless bug statuses like bugs marked 'in progress'
without assignee or bugs assigned to a team.

> We should discuss this together, as equals. We need each other. We  
> also should discuss this together and listen to each other.

Developers don't need a group of people malicously editing their bugs,
causing them additional work. Developers are very grateful to everyone
who work on saving them time.

If you want to discuss with developers how to work on bugs, I'd suggest
talking to them. This is most effectively done on ubuntu-devel at l.u.c. If
you want to CC bugsquad, that's fine for me.

> And yes, maybe the Bugsquad should be the group that adapts the most
> to the developers. But we shouldn't do exactly as told.

I disagree here. If there is a group of people randomly and cluelessly
editing bugs, they must be stopped in order to enable developers to work
effectivly. I don't have the impression that the bugsquad is such an
group, at least not yet. However the arguments you rised in your mail
could be interpreted this way. That's why this email is so harsh.

So please, again, think about the bug when working on it. If you are
unsure, please contact an developer and ask for help. You shouldn't be
afraid of talking to an developer. Ask developers in IRC or via
email. And do notify developers how you expect interaction to be. Don't
expect developers (or anyone) to regularily poll the wiki page. Do send
announcements on how you intend to work on bugs. I think you get the

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