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Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Wed May 7 13:23:24 BST 2008

Sarah Hobbs wrote:
> Hey there!
> I second what ScottK has said here:  for anything with ubuntu-release, 
> ubuntu-archive, ubuntu-{universe,main}-sponsors, or motu-release 
> subscribed, please leave those bugs alone.
> They're not filed by users only, and developers have almost always 
> looked at the bugs, if not filed them themselves.  They have a special 
> sequence of steps to be followed, and the bug squad interfering with 
> them is not helpful.
I don't think that is a reasonable position. A small group is using the 
bug tracker in an unorthodox way to track issues that are not really 
bugs (let's call them tickets). That may be fine as we have no other 
mechanism to track these tasks ATM, but it does mean that the group who 
is using the tracker in this way needs to be flexible and adjust their 
approach to coexist more smoothly with other users of the system.

It's not reasonable to expect new bug triagers to simply know these 
things. We can document it but that's not ideal because there is already 
a great deal to read when you are starting out. It's simply not right in 
my view that a new triager risks being flamed on the bug tracker for not 
having read that particular paragraph.

If these bugs were all marked as In Progress then they would generally 
stay off the radar of the bugsquad and we would not have this confusion. 
The developers can then use tags, assignments or whatever to keep track 
of the state of each ticket. Alternatively, they could perhaps be filed 
against a separate Launchpad project set up for this purpose.

We want to attract new volunteers to the bug triage community and adding 
extra complications and special cases to the bug workflow isn't helping. 
And being flamed on the bug tracker certainly doesn't help :)

> The bug squad's aim is to make users bugs better, before a developer 
> looks at them (last i knew) - it is *not* to fiddle with developer 
> bugs.  If you're unsure if the person is a developer, check the teams 
> that they're in (ubuntu-dev means they have upload rights to at least 
> part of Ubuntu) 

Again, this is an unreasonable request. It adds a needles layer of 
complexity for a relatively small number of tickets and bugs. The 
developer community cannot expect the bugsquad to grow and flourish and 
provide much needed support to the development effort without being 
willing to help make the process simpler and be flexible on issues like 

Henrik Omma
Ubuntu QA Manager

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