Hug Day - 06 May 2008

Brian Murray brian at
Mon May 5 21:13:27 BST 2008

We've been promoting the use of an application's "Help -> Report a
Problem" menu item to bug reporters as a better way to report bugs as
a lot of information is gathered automatically.  These bug reports are
identifiable by their 'apport-bug' tag and "ProblemType: Bug" in the

I went looking for applications with large numbers of apport-bug tagged
bugs and firefox-3.0 and firefox came out on top so I thought we'd look
at those for the next Hug Day.  You can find the list of bugs at:

Some of these bug reports may not be actually about Firefox and will
need to be assigned to a different package.  Those that are really
Firefox bug reports should be triaged following the debugging
procedures: .

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