Incomplete with no response >30 days

Johnathon Tinsley kirrus at
Sun May 4 18:39:33 BST 2008

----- "Sense Hofstede" <sense at> wrote:
> I'd ask him to change the status, Incomlete isn't a good status I
> think.
> :) But half a year is a long time. It's a complete (pre-)release
> cycle!

In that status, with that amount of time, closing it was the correct thing to do.
If its assigned to someone and incomplete, I'll tend to post on the bug, asking if there is anything happening. If its not, then I'll just close it.

The right thing to do here is to mark it in progress, confirmed or triaged, and assign it to the person thats working on it. Also, might be worth a mention, the replying comment was quite curt, and teeters just before the edge of when I'd send a CoC reminder. Most of us are just volunteers :)

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p.s. Sorry Sense, I sent this reply to your address directly instead of to the bugsquad - thats why you've got two copies.

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