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Brian Murray brian at
Mon Mar 31 23:40:55 BST 2008

On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 04:23:44PM +0100, Sense Hofstede wrote:
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> I've started the first page of the information database. The main way of
> gaining data is now not by mailing all the maintainers but by looking at
> the websites of the packages for information. If there isn't enough
> provided we can always email them. The page is is located at
> If you want to help, please do. Don't hesitate to edit pages if you feel
> you've got something useful to add. At the moment the plan is to use the
> already existing pages of by
> including them in pages with the name Bugs/Triaging/Name
> But what naming should we use exactly? Bugs/Triaging/Group/Name (e.g.
> Bugs/Triaging/Mozilla/Firefox) or Bugs/Triaging/Name (e.g.
> Bugs/Triaging/Firefox)?

I think gathering this information is a great idea and it will help us
create better quality bug reports.  There does seem to be a fair bit of
overlap with the existing Debugging Procedures page though.  Is there
some reason a "How to Forward" section wouldn't work in a package's
debugging page?  It was my thought that a package's Debugging page would
be its main page if you will.

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